Reflections of the Coffee Drinker

Coffee is a popular commodity that is consumed widely and in many ways in our current world. I, myself, am an avid coffee drinker and over time have developed preferences towards certain beans, cafes and even baristas who just have that touch. Coffee culture has grown immensely in recent years and the progression has resulted in more complex and refined flavours of roasted coffee. Throughout my experience I have observed changes in the day to day agenda of consuming coffee and perhaps some of these reflections will resonate with you.

Firstly, the convenience of a cafe location has no longer become an important factor in my quest for the perfect coffee experience. Where once upon a time I would ravenously consume the closest coffee to desperately spring life into my bones, I now find far more enjoyment in tasting the flavours of the coffee while I sip an espresso and watch the world begin like a theatrical performance unravelling on cue. Instead of purchasing a coffee that is enroute I now chose to travel to cafes that have lovely ambience and staff that I can engage with. I have made beautiful friendships with staff members and it has become a combination of quality coffee and friendship that attracts me. At some point throughout this journey the purpose of the caffeine hit has also became redundant. The gripping addiction of caffeine was seamlessly overtaken by the enjoyment and challenge of smelling and tasting a black coffee. Nowadays, I would rather go without coffee than to have an unsatisfying experience. Would you drink coffee if there was no caffeine in it?

Secondly, the concept of coffee is actually mind blowing. Some guy at some point has plucked a coffee bean from inside a coffee cherry (Yes coffee is a fruit, and it tastes like a strange cherry in it’s natural state) and then roasted the bean similarly to how one would cook popcorn. They then ground the roasted coffee beans and extracted a liquid using heat and pressure. So, the coffee you are drinking right now is made up of 10-20 beans that have been plucked from trees and then dried and eventually roasted until they were sent into the hands of that handsome barista over there and pressed through a machine. Now, I don’t know much about porcelain but if i did i am certain that the process required to imagine and manufacture a mug would be just as mind blowing. However, we are talking coffee, and the point of this is to trigger mindfulness and gratitude as you sip on your cappuccino or flat white. Coffee is a massive part of many of our lives and it can easily be a vice and unhealthy, unconscious exercise or a ritual and empowering experience.

So, next time you sit down to have your morning cuppa’ I challenge you to observe yourself and your surroundings. Consider the history before you that has amounted to the now simple act of pouring a coffee. Similarly to that of a band who has no fans and followers, coffee without the cup holders and demand would not exist. So, it is the drinkers of coffee who hold the power and who keep the metaphorical coffee ship afloat. Keep drinking and keep dreaming.

Peace n’ Love.

hannah parkComment